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 What do you imagine when you heard “concert” or “galllery”? You would probably imagine about live house, museum or some formal place and maybe you would think these circumstances is separated from our daily life.   What if there was no barrier between our daily life and beautiful art? We can make art, music everyday, everywhere and will make our life better and beautiful.

 This site was founded to connect every genre of artist or even beginner who has their passion to express theirselves, people who can provide live spaces for these artist to perform and guest user who loves to enjoy daily art. For example, Restaurants, Bars , Cafe even school. Any place can turn into place for expression. This help these three “artist”, “host” and “guest user “find each other by personal interests or preferences. 

Sites for expression

Not just Live Houses, places like restaurants and bars that are interested in hosting a music live


For musicians that want to find a place to express themselves

Guest User

For users who ought to make their day a special one

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